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Sitting is hard on our bodies. Humans come in different shapes, sizes and lengths so the way we sit, and the chair we sit in matters. With conventional task chairs, it can be challenging to intuitively adjust the chair to suit your body’s needs which can lead to musculoskeletal issues.

Comfort’s innovative ergonomic task chairs are designed to be compatible with an individual’s needs through smart design, engineering and technology such as our patented single lever. The revolutionary lever provides intuitive, simple adjustments from one location, making it invaluable in today’s agile work environments.





Ergonomics is essentially the science of compatibility – you want a chair that fits your unique proportions, desk and task. Traditionally, adjusting a task chair required working several levers for limited adjustments. Whether a workspace’s function is to accommodate single or multi-users in working environments like call centres or co-working spaces, it is important to have an ergonomic chair that is adjustable and simple to control.

Comfort’s intuitive single lever is designed to make it simple to control the chair’s adjustments from your fingertips. Having a chair tailored to your individual needs will decrease the risk of developing back, neck and leg pains while sitting.

Benefits of the single lever:

- Single point of contact

- Control location consistent

- Easy to use

- Allows you to optimise your own comfort

- Majority of adjustments achievable while seated

- Control motion intuitive and indicated by feel




The ingeniously simple single lever control operates the three most frequently used chair functions from a single point of contact (seat height, seat depth and back tilt).

Seat Height

By lifting the lever you can control the seat height. Adjust your seat by raising it or lowering it to fit your individual anthropometric measurements.

Seat Depth

By sliding the lever forward you can control the seat depth. You should adjust the seat depth so that it accommodates the length of your legs and leaves a two-finger width gap between the seat’s edge and the inside of your knees.

Back Tilt

By sliding the lever backward you can control the back tilt function, giving flexible lumbar support and dynamic recline motion. A separate tension control allows micro-adjustment to customise the support to your weight while in dynamic mode, giving you the flexibility to move in the chair whilst getting the best lumbar support.

All functions are locked in position by restoring the lever to the centre.


Working in agile and multi-user environments like call centres and co-working spaces means that there can be several people using the same chair in any work day. Sharing office chairs could lead to musculoskeletal issues if users don’t always have the time or training to adjust the chair to their anthropometric needs as they sit down at the start of their shift.

Comfort's Project chairs' weight balance mechanism eliminates this problem by automatically adjusting the back tilt resistance to suit the user's weight. This makes Project Enjoy and Project Mirus ideal for multi-user environments allowing staff changeover without having to fiddle with tension settings.

The Project chairs also benefit from being advantageous for large scale project budgets.


As the world of work becomes increasingly agile, our furniture needs to be able to accommodate this new age of working. Agile working environments require a degree of flexibility that allows for collaboration amongst peers.

Our Ergohuman and Mirus ranges are developed with the perfect fusion of art and science with agile working in mind. An add-on feature to these chairs is the coat hanger.

Placed at the back of the chair, this feature allows a user to hang their jacket, whatever their style, during meetings or working at
their desks. This handy feature makes these chairs great
for co-working and multi-user environments as well as
general offices.

Available for all Ergohuman and Mirus chairs.