Feb 14, 2018

Colour can have a huge emotional and psychological impact on employees and their productivity. 

Different hues don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. That’s why it’s worth considering adding a splash of colour into your workplace, with a vibrant medley of stimulating hues that increase output and spark creativity.  

If you can't change the colour of your whole office, opt for accents in soft furnishings so that different teams are surrounded by the colors that will best suit their type of work. Comfort, the UK seating manufacturer, offers a wide range of mesh, fabric and leather upholstery options for their ergonomic seating collections in a range of colours that can brighten up any office space and can help set the desired mood or reflect a company’s corporate identity.
Restful greens and calming blues stimulates the mind and can improve efficiency and focus, lending an overall sense of well-being. If you want happier, more effective workers, green and blue are wise choices. Red and hot pinks are active, intense and adventurous – although not ideal where a more soothing environment is desired. The passion-inspiring colors can affect the body, increase the heart rate and blood flow upon sight. If there’s something in the office to which you want to urgently draw employees’ eyes, red will attract.  Meanwhile, yellow is the shade of optimism – energetic and fresh and excellent when used in work environments where creative professionals work. 
Step onto out of your comfort zone and into ours to reap the rewards of a productive, bright, colourful and stylish workspace.  
Visit our chairs page to see the full range of upholstery options and get creative on the custom chair configurator to mix-and-match colours and fabrics.