Dec 3, 2017

Comfort’s intuitive single lever is designed to make it simple to control the chair’s adjustments from your fingertips.

When fitting-out workspaces, the office chair is an often overlooked investment. With the average office worker spending the equivalent of five years sat at their desk, it’s no surprise that poor furniture choices contribute to absenteeism and reduced productivity.

According to the Office for National Statistics, back and neck problems were the most common cause of office absenteeism in the UK in 2013, with 131 million days being lost as a result. It’s clearly in the best interests of everyone concerned that these work-related conditions are avoided. One solution is to ensure that office workers have a task chair that can be tailored to their proportions, and that they’re trained to sit correctly - minimizing potential musculoskeletal problems.

That some companies would scrimp on chairs without considering the positive benefits of well-being at work seems short-sighted and, in the longer term, a costly mistake.

Comfort’s innovative range of ergonomic task chairs are designed to be compatible with individuals’ needs through smart design, engineering and advanced technology such as their patented single lever mechanism. The revolutionary lever provides intuitive, simple adjustments from one location, making it invaluable in today’s agile work environments.

Traditionally, adjusting a task chair required working several levers for limited adjustments. Whether a workspace’s function is to accommodate single or multi-users in working environments like call centres or co-working spaces, it is important to have an ergonomic chair that is adjustable and simple to control. Comfort’s intuitive single lever is designed to make it simple to control the chair’s adjustments from your fingertips.

Their patented single lever operates the three most frequently used chair functions from a single point of contact (seat height, seat depth and back tilt), and a separate tension control can be set to personalized tilt resistance in dynamic mode.

For multi-user environments, Comfort’s Project chairs make fast set-up even easier by automatically adjusting to the user's weight when they sit on the chair by calculating the ideal tilt tension from the user's weight - constantly supporting changes in weight distribution and movement. This makes the Project Enjoy and Mirus chairs the perfect task seating solution for multi-user environments requiring speedy staff changeover without each new user throughout the working day having to fiddle with tension controls.


Advantages of certified ergonomic office chairs:

- Effortless set-up
- Reduced stress on the body
- Less absenteeism
- Increased productivity
- Improved morale and wellbeing
- Added style

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