Comfort has always strived to improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees in the workplace. This has been achieved through continuous innovation and development of its task seating range.

Taking this a step further, we are now proud to announce that development of M-Box Systems is underway. Our expansion into the systems furniture market will continue the core concepts of our product design ethos – such as ergonomic excellence and highly customisable comfort, while enhancing the workplace with smart design and functional furniture solutions.



Studies have shown that well-planned, ergonomic working environments don't just lead to low absenteeism but, by allowing an employee to rework the space quickly and easily to suit different task requirements, also lead to an increase in workplace productivity.

The growing desire for agile workspaces has resulted in the creation of our flexible systems furniture range, M-Box. This includes height-adjustable desking solutions for both seated or standing working.

Ideal as informal hot desks or as part of a workstation arrangement for more active, posture-friendly working, M-Box height-adjustable solutions are designed to reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary working behaviours, adding benefits to employee wellbeing and productivity while adding business value. Benefits include increased circulation to boost concentration, improved posture of employees helping to reduce back ache and fatigue, and is shown to increase engagement in the workplace.



The Innovative M-Box system has combined style as well as function in order produce a range of storage components for the organised office. Desktop storage options are available in three sizes offering multiple combinations – with the position and direction adjustable to meet individual requirements. The desk-high and credenza storage cabinets can be integrated with height-adjustable desk units. This comprehensive modular system offers versatile office furniture layouts, with the working environment able to be broken down and reconfigured as the needs of the business grow.

As open plan offices are becoming increasingly more popular, Comfort has detected a need for adaptable privacy solutions within this contemporary environment. M-Box therefore has provided a range of screens which not only differ in size but also can be height-adjustable for privacy, and can be customised in a variety of colours and finishes. This results in an adaptable workspace where the user can change their configuration or privacy needs as and when is required.



Comfort's R&D Centre have integrated advanced technology into their desking solutions to encourage collaboration in the work place though increased efficiency and productivity. 

M-Box's clever cable management system offers a discreet solution to messy office wires and works in combination with the power and data hub. This creates a more organised, tidy and effective workspace which helps improve employee concentration and enhances the overall design aesthetics of the office. This hub feature, which attaches to the underside of the desk, has ports for power, USB, HDMi, audio and network connections and may be customised to suit the user requirements.

The M-Box range also includes clever task lighting, providing free-standing, integrated and clamp-mounted options, which rotate 360º to provide maximum flexibility, enhancing end-user experience.




Elematrix is Comfort's concept soft seating range. This contemporary collection comprises of modular sections, in a variety of colours and finishes, including single seats, sofa-benches, back to back options, screen surrounds and a range of tables, worksurfaces and accessories. Each of these components can be mix-and-matched with M-Box workstations to create customisable and reconfigurable layouts which are suitable for different environments such as collaboration, social, meeting and working areas. The Elematrix table can also be connected to the soft seating, providing an even greater variety  of formations for the end user. 

Ideal for customised pod-style meeting areas, this clever system can be tailored to meet the needs of both informal gathering and break-out spaces, or configured to create zones that require a more private, quiet space.

Available in wood or white aluminium frame, the E-Stool complements Elematrix and M-Box systems. This stylish stool is ideal with the bar table and can be upholstered in a range of fabrics, including customer's own choice supplied. 



Comfort have developed a collection of contemporary, high-back booth-style seating, ideal for privacy and comfort. Clever acoustics mean that they offer a peaceful space within the busiest of environments. Perfect for stepping away from the desk or simply to create quiet zones for breakout areas.

With a range of options and formations available, this range includes optional mood-adjustable lighting, neck-rests that can be height-adjusted, scatter cushions and pivoting tablets. 

The sofas and chairs come in a variety of sizes and can be configured for meeting and public spaces to suit. Additional tilting stools, upholstered magazine tables and clever height-adjustable coffee tables can be added for extra functionality.